Medically Certified Apnoea Monitor

Snuza HeroMD

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Snuza HeroMD will continuously monitor your baby's breathing. If breathing stops for a period of 15 seconds, HeroMD will gently vibrate to rouse your baby. If this action fails to rouse your baby after another 5 seconds, Snuza HeroMD will sound a loud alarm.

This will allow you to act quickly as with each precious second that passes without breathing, your baby is exposed to ever increasing danger!

The Snuza HeroMD is trusted and recommended to parents who have lost a baby to SIDS by The Lullaby Trust - the leading charity in the UK for research and prevention of SIDS

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  • Certified Medical Device
  • The world's first portable monitor clinically proven to detect infant apnoea
  • Endorsed by the Lullaby Trust in the UK

What's in the HeroMD Box

Snuza HeroMD baby apnea monitor
Portable Carry Case
Quick Start Guide


Medical grade plastic and silicone
Clip and switch on
Volume controlled audible tick function
Gently vibrates to rouse your baby after 15 seconds
Audible alarm after 20 seconds
Adjustable settings
Cordless and portable


Item weight: 0.64 ounces
Dimensions: 1 x 1.5 x 2.75 in
Power source: CR2 Battery (included)
Portable: Yes

Guarantee / Warranty

12 Month Warranty


Snuza HeroMD is a certified medical device that monitors your baby's breathing and alerts you if it stops.

Top Reviews

Laura Gregory

Love this product!

Reviewed in United Kingdom on 19th May 2018

I am a Paramedic and was worried about SIDS and I found it really hard to relax and sleep properly when my baby was asleep. The device slides onto a nappy, and gives off a light each time the baby breaths. This light can normally been seen through clothes, so you can see it easily in the dark. The sensitivity is good and the alarm is loud so you can hear it if you're sleeping next to the baby. I sleep when my baby sleeps now.

Rachel Park

Love it!

Reviewed in United Kingdom on 24th November 2018

Brought this for my premature baby on returning home from a 10 week hospital stay. It is a great product and I don’t think we would have slept without it! It clips onto the nappy and a light flashes green with every breath (can be seen through two layers of clothes and sleep bag at night). Reassuring that it will vibrate and alarm if breathing stops. The only negative is that it can be quite a faff to attach it to the nappy so that it is snug (to avoid false alarms) and I the middle of the night after a nappy change can be quite frustrating with baby screaming at you! Other than that we love it and would recommend!


Really helps with my peace of mind

Reviewed in United Kingdom on 2nd September 2018

First time I've left a review although have used amazon for years, but this gadget has been fantastic for my situation, so I wanted to write a review really as a thank you to the manufacturers. My first child was born in May and one thing I was concerned about being a new dad was how I'd cope with worrying about whether she is ok in the night, and if I'd be able to sleep with that on my mind. This product is amazing for people like me who would constantly be checking if she is breathing etc. It attaches to their nappy and every time it detects a breath a light flashes green and it can also be set up to beep (although that'd probably keep everyone awake! so I keep the beep off). The green light flashing can be seen through the baby's clothes, so if I wake up in the night I glance over and can see a green light flash, which puts me at ease and I fall back to sleep. We've used it now for nearly 4 months, and only had 2 or 3 false alarms, usually because I'd put it on incorrectly. The alarm wakes me up straight away, which is good to know. Sounds like it is much more reliable than other systems I'd heard about in the past. Its been fantastic for mum, dad and baby in helping everyone get some sleep in these early days.Baby is still in the bedroom with us, but used with a good video monitor that detects sound, I think it will be useful still when the baby goes into her own room. A 'must buy' for any parents who would feel the need to keep checking the baby is breathing when they are asleep.