Differences Between A Snuza HeroSE And HeroMD Monitor

The day you bring your first tiny baby home can be one of the most nerve-wracking of your life. After a few days in the hospital, you're suddenly responsible for the life of this small, vulnerable, oh-so-precious little thing. A baby breathing monitor can help ease your nervousness, especially in the first few months."

What is the Snuza Hero?

At Snuza, we've specialised in portable, wearable movement and breathing monitors. The Snuza Hero range - the SE and the MD - are both portable and wearable, monitoring your baby whilst they sleep to offer peace of mind and the opportunity to intervene early if there is a sleep apnoea event. Cessation of breathing while sleeping is one of the main indicators of SIDS.

Both models are cordless, rechargeable, portable, wearable and offer the opportunity for early intervention and peace of mind.

How do these models differ?

Effectively, the HeroSE monitors abdominal movement while the HeroMD monitors breathing. Both models clip onto the nappy and rest on your baby's tummy. Both activate after 15 seconds, vibrating in an attempt to rouse your baby, then sounding a loud alarm after 5 more seconds of no response. This allows caregivers to respond quickly in an emergency.

The Snuza HeroSE

This is a movement monitor, designed to detect the small movements of your baby's abdomen. The device is clipped securely onto the nappy or the waistband of pants and the flexible, medical-grade silicone sensor tip rests gently on your baby's tummy."

The Snuza HeroMD

This is the world's first portable baby breathing monitor certified as a medical device. To achieve medical certification, the HeroMD has undergone stringent testing. It is clinically proven to detect the cessation of breathing in infants, one of the only such models in either the European or South African markets.

How do they work?

If your baby's tummy stops moving for 15 seconds, the device will vibrate, in an attempt to rouse your baby. If no further movement is detected within 5 more seconds, the device will sound a loud alarm. This alerts caregivers, allowing them to respond by trying to rouse the baby after just 20 seconds."

The HeroSE detects abdominal movement, while the HeroMD detects actual breaths, even the smallest.

How to choose between the Snuza HeroSE and the HeroMD?

Your choice will depend on your situation. Parents of premature babies, or those born with breathing complications often choose the HeroMD for its added medical certification and peace of mind. Of course, these extra features do come at a price, and for some parents, the movement monitoring of the HeroSE is peace of mind enough.

Additionally, the HeroMD requires calibration before each use. This is to ensure that it is functioning correctly, part and parcel of its medical certification. To calibrate, simply place the HeroMD on a stationery, flat surface and switch it on. The device will perform a startup test, illuminating all lights, vibrating, and testing the sensor. Once this startup sequence is performed, an audible tone will sound, indicating that it is ready."

When shouldn't I use a Snuza movement or breathing monitor?

These devices rely on detecting the smallest of movements from your baby. Using them when your baby is in motion can mask any cessation of movement or breathing. As such, we advise caregivers not to use any of our devices in the following conditions:

  • When in the car or being pushed in a pram.
  • When sharing a bed with another person or co-sleeping.

In addition, there are some times when the monitor may sound false alarms. When the device is clipped onto a loose or gaping nappy, it might lose contact with your baby's tummy. Many layers of blankets or clothes might muffle the alarm and we advise all users to test that they can hear the alarm before using either device.

We are proud of our range of baby breathing monitors, but none more so than the Snuza HeroMD. With this medically certified device, we have brought peace of mind to many families, allowing them to intervene early in the event that their baby stops breathing while sleeping. Our many, many testimonials, as well as the constant feedback of users, has ensured the high quality of our products and their effectiveness.


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