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Snuza HeroSE

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Snuza HeroSE is a wearable baby breathing motion monitor that easily clips onto your baby's diaper. It's lightweight, easy to use and fits in the palm of your hand. The Snuza HeroSE will gently vibrate to rouse your baby after 15 seconds of no breathing motion and will alarm after another 5 seconds allowing you to act quickly.

Monitor your baby's breathing motion while they sleep.

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USD 124.99

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What's in Your HeroSE Box?

Snuza HeroSE Baby Monitor
Portable Carry Case
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Wearable baby monitor that easily clips onto your baby's diaper
BPA, Phthalate, Lead and Latex free
Medical grade plastic and silicone
Clip and switch on
Volume controlled audible tick function
Gently vibrates to rouse your baby after 15 seconds
Audible alarm after 20 seconds
Adjustable settings
Cordless and portable


Item weight: 0.64 ounces
Dimensions: 1 x 1.5 x 2.75 in
Power source: CR2 Battery (included)
Portable: Yes

Guarantee / Warranty

12 month warranty


Snuza HeroSE is a baby-care aid, not a medical device. It is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention or monitoring of a disease, injury or handicap. Snuza HeroSE is also not suitable for co-sleeping.

More Information About HeroSE

Snuza HeroSE was designed around two principles: simplicity and safety. We understand that being a new parent is no easy task and we wanted to create a product that provides the necessary safety without adding unnecessary complication. Snuza HeroSE offers simple operation while maintaining the highest levels of safety, and is one of the reasons why it's one of the most popular baby products on the market. There are no wires, no pads, no smartphone App and no recharging since the replaceable battery lasts as long as 6 months. Behind the simplicity is a sophisticated piece of monitoring electronics that is borne from our company's medical device experience in meeting the world's most stringent safety standards.

Top Reviews

Jaclyn Marie

Saved my sanity

Reviewed in United States on 3rd August 2018

My little came early and spend some time in the NICU. Once he was released I was really nervous about him not being monitored because he had had problems with breathing when he was first born. So I looked into some options and decided to go with this one. I am so glad I did and I wish I would have had it for my first. With my first born I woke up several times a night to check on him and make sure that he was still breathing. It has gone off a couple of times because it slipped out of his diaper but it also has gone off once or twice while he was holding his breath. This makes me know that it works and I don't worry at night. It's expensive but to me it's worth it. I have recommended it to other anxious moms several times already. Do yourself a favor, quit worrying and get this.

Jennifer Duffey

This has literally been the best purchase I have made for our daughter

Reviewed in United States on 6th June 2018

This has literally been the best purchase I have made for our daughter. She has stopped breathing a few times in her sleep. Twice was just long enough for the vibration to wake her. So the alarm didn't go off, but it made her breath. The light was blinking red when she woke later on so that's how I even knew. The other time she stopped breathing and It sounded the alarm. I had to gently shake her to get her to breath again.I honestly don't know that she would be here, if we didn't have this on her. She is 3 months old and we've been using it since she was a week old. It gives us peace of mind at night knowing that shes got something on her that will gently wake her, or us, if she stops breathing.

Alex Ontiveros

My number 1 favorite baby product

Reviewed in United States on 2nd May 2018

When my son was born and we were sent to our recovery room we were settling down for the night when he started choking and spit up a ton of amniotic fluid. I had no clue what to do. I pushed the call buttons but they didn’t work. I couldn’t find a suction bulb. Luckily My Mom instincts kicked in and I pulled him out of the bassinet and patted his back until the fluid was all out. It was enough to scare me to death though. After that first night I didn’t want to sleep for fear that he would stop breathing. I just sat up and watched him as I grew more and more sleep deprived (I also was refusing to let people help me, in large part because of my Postpartum depression and anxiety... but that’s another story). I stayed up for the first 5 days. And then we remembered we had bought the Snuza. The Snuza clips on the baby’s diaper and will sound and alarm if breath movement is not detected. I’ve had two false alarms so far and that alarm is enough to scare me for life, lol. It ticks every time he breathes... that gives me the reassurance I need. Especially when driving and he’s in the back seat not as accessible. I’d probably still not be sleeping if it weren’t for the Snuza.