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Baby Sleep: Decoded

Published by Admin Snuza on 10th February 2020

Whoever first used the phrase, “sleeps like a baby” must mean someone who woke up all the time screaming. If there’s one thing that surprises new parents, it’s baby sleep. Well, actually, the apparent lack of it. Babies actually sleep … Read More

Tags: new borns, new parents, sleep cycles, sleep routines, baby sleep, nap time

Prematurity 101 For Prematurity Awareness Month

Published by Admin Snuza on 4th November 2019

Once you’re pregnant, one of the things you guard against is preterm delivery. All moms want is to keep their baby baking for as long as they need, typically upwards of 37 weeks. But since there’s a lot that’s outside … Read More

Tags: snuza blog, new borns, sids, awareness, infants, prematurity, preterm babies

Your Growing Baby: Leaps And Growth Spurts

Published by Admin Snuza on 14th October 2019

Babies are amazing, but they can be so, so confusing. Unless you’ve spent time with someone else’s baby, having your own — especially the first one — can be a lot to get your head around. One of the first … Read More

Tags: leaps, physical energy, spurts, wonder weeks, new borns, babies, emotional energy, growth