How Technology is Helping Parents Cope with the Pressures of Parenting


This week, we're launching "Get to know us" - a feature where you can learn more about what happens behind the scene's at Snuza. This week, we're talking to Tielman Terblanche, Dad of 3 and our Head of Tech about how technology is helping parents copy with the pressures of parenting.

Q: Do you feel that technology has had a positive influence on the way parents cope with everyday pressure?

TT: Parenting in the age of digital media is harder than in previous generations - or maybe it just seems that way because people generally tend to share their happy moments online and keep quiet about struggles and challenges. I have three kids under the age of 8 and technology has definitely played a role in the way we parent. From sharing and arranging the kids schedules via Whatsapp to sharing special moments with friends and family that live abroad using FaceTime - technology allows us to keep in contact with the people that matter. My kids are also very inquisitive by nature, so there's always a question we might not know the answer to - thanks Google!

Q: At Snuza, how are you harnessing the power of technology to help parents look after their little ones?

TT: At Snuza, we believe that technology can help make parenting easier. We're always thinking of new ways to improve our products and as a team, we're nimble enough to move and scale quickly." By using cutting-edge technology and working with a team of world-class developers, we can harness the power of technology to give parents peace of mind." We're very proud of the fact that we've designed the world's first portable infant apnoea monitor - the Snuza HeroMD - clinically proven to detect when a baby stops breathing.

Q: How important is innovation in the baby monitor space?

TT: The baby monitor space is growing quickly - especially in markets such as the U.S.A, Europe and SEA. We've been fortunate enough to have great teams in each of our key markets, pushing the brand forward and educating parents about the importance of, and risks associated with infant apnoea. We believe that innovation and keeping in touch with trends in the market is key to the success of our business. We have an always-on approach to innovation.

Q: Which Snuza brand values resonate with you the most?

TT: I believe in excellence - especially when you're working in such a fast paced, safety-first oriented environment." I also believe in integrity - it's the single most important quality you can ever develop.

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