Creating A Safe Haven: Essential Baby Safety Gear

The safety of our little ones is a top priority for parents, and creating a secure environment for your baby is crucial. Fortunately, there is plenty that parents can do to create safe spaces in the home and give themselves peace of mind while ensuring their infant's safety. 

What’s a safe baby space?

In most homes, there are steps, sharp corners, appliance wires, and even pets that can compromise a baby’s safety. Families with babies tend to spend more time at home, so it can be helpful to have a safe space that your baby can spend time which is entirely safe for them. Many parents choose to use a travel cot or pack-n-play when the baby is small, graduating up into a playpen once they start becoming mobile. 

In this article, we will highlight and review some helpful baby gear that parents can use to help create a safe and secure environment. Remember, none of these products or places are a replacement for an attentive caregiver — babies need to be within sight of a responsible adult as much as possible.

Playpens: A Safe Play Space

As mentioned before, a playpen also known as a play yard, offers a designated, safe area for your baby to play and explore without the risk of crawling into less safe areas of the home. When babies are very young and not yet mobile, a pack-n-play is more than enough space for them, with room for a few toys and space to roll over or practice rolling. The pack-n-play or playpen that works for you will depend on the space you have at home but consider buying these second-hand through Marketplace or similar.

Outlet Covers: Electrical Safety

No matter where you are in a home, electrical outlets pose a significant risk to curious infants. Outlet covers are simple yet effective devices that prevent tiny fingers from entering outlets. Cover all open outlets in the baby’s room, in the parent's room, and in common areas, and consider having extra on hand for when you travel.

Corner Protectors: Softening Sharp Edges

For many parents, it simply isn’t an option to change furniture simply because there’s a young baby in the house. However, sharp furniture corners can be hazardous for babies who are learning to crawl or walk. Corner protectors are soft cushions that attach to furniture edges, reducing the risk of bumps and bruises. They are a small, clear silicone cushion that just helps to literally take the edge off tables, sideboards, dressers, and counters so that babies don’t hurt themselves.

Childproof Locks: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

For those heading into the toddler years, you’ll be well aware of the fascination cupboards have for small children. All cupboards and cabinets at floor level will be fair game for the roving toddler, so make sure you protect the ones you don’t want your child inside. Childproof locks are invaluable for securing cabinets and drawers that contain household cleaners, sharp objects, or other potential dangers. They come in many forms, from magnetic locks, to physical ones that slide over the cabinet handles. It may seem silly at first, but what your baby cannot access can’t hurt them.

Safety Gates: Establishing Boundaries

Once your baby graduates up into mobility, they’re curious and keen to explore everywhere. Things you’ve never considered dangerous before suddenly become so, and safety gates are great for keeping your curious explorer away from potential hazards. They are versatile and can be used to block off staircases, rooms with dangerous objects, or any area you want to keep off-limits. They can also be used to help keep a curious baby inside their room when they are meant to remain there — during sleep, nap or quiet time. Essentially, they can keep a baby or toddler where they are safe, and out of areas that are unsafe for them. 

Baby Monitors: Keeping an Eye and Ear on Your Infant

Baby monitors have come a long way, offering not only audio but also video capabilities, and more. Audio monitors allow you to listen to your baby's sounds and movements from another room, while video monitors provide a visual of your baby. This real-time video feed lets you see and hear your baby, offering reassurance and ensuring you can quickly respond to any needs. Some newer models even allow you to pan around the room, giving a clear view of an entire space, not just the cot.

Wearable Tech: There When You Can’t Be

For many parents, sleep time is the hardest — they are tired too, and badly need rest themselves, but concern over their infant keeps them from sleeping well. Wearable tech — like the Snuza range of baby monitors — play a large role in helping parents monitor their precious children even while sleeping soundly.

The Snuza HeroMD, a medically certified baby breathing monitor, is designed to alert parents if it detects a cessation of breathing, providing crucial early awareness for a prompt response. It easily clips onto your baby's nappy and operates as a stand-alone device without the need for app connections. Its medical certification ensures reliability, making it a valuable addition to your baby gear. 

Sleeping or waking, all parents want to create a safe and secure environment for their infant. We hope these tips, tricks, and products help you to get the peace of mind you need to create that space for your baby at home.