COVID-19: A Concerned Parents Guide

Wow, these are very weird and unprecedented times. For those of us who have recently had babies or are about to have them, the world is rife with uncertainty. Here are a few things to reassure you and help to keep you safe.    Wash your hands   The single best thing we can all […]

Constipation in Babies: Signs & How To Help

Look, no-one likes to talk about poop, but it’s one of the things you’ll find yourself thinking and talking about the most in your early days, weeks and months at home with a new baby. So let’s get into the subject: constipation.   What’s normal? Before we can talk about abnormal poop, we need to […]

Your Guide to Tummy Time

OK, what’s this tummy time? It’s all in the name: it’s time babies spend on their tummies learning to lift their heads and strengthen their muscles. The “Back to Sleep” campaign (now “Safe to Sleep”) launched in the late ‘90s helped to dramatically reduce the numbers of babies dying of SIDS.  But it did coincide […]

The Stages of Sitting For Babies

As new parents, we’re all pretty excited to see our babies reach their milestones. It’s amazing to see how much they learn and change from month to month! Sitting is one of the earlier milestones, and has the effect of completely changing your baby’s perspective on the world. Let’s look at the stages of sitting, […]

Pumping At Work: The Ultimate Lactation Room

There are so many new things to consider when you become a mom. From the trials and triumphs of pregnancy to the early weeks of figuring out how on earth to care for your new baby. But one thing that trips parents up is conflicting information and attitudes around feeding your baby. Today, we’re going […]

Breastfeeding 101: Crash Course

If there’s one thing that surprises most new mothers, it’s how hard breastfeeding can be. For something that’s supposed to be as natural as breathing, it can trip you up with how hard it actually is.    When should I start breastfeeding? As soon as your baby is born! Ideally, and in the best circumstances, […]

Baby Sleep: Decoded

Whoever first used the phrase, “sleeps like a baby” must mean someone who woke up all the time screaming. If there’s one thing that surprises new parents, it’s baby sleep. Well, actually, the apparent lack of it. Babies actually sleep a lot, but sometimes it feels like they never close their sweet little eyes. Let’s […]

Why Choose The Snuza Go! Movement Monitor?

Choosing a baby monitor that works for your family, your lifestyle and your budget can look like a daunting task. We’ve cut out the clutter by offering a small range each with distinct offerings. Take the Snuza Go! for example.    What differentiates the Snuza Go! Movement Monitor? This is our entry-level breathing movement monitor. […]

What To Eat When You’re Expecting

It’s one of those things that, as soon as you’re visibly pregnant, people start telling you what you can and can’t eat. One way to be able to confidently nod, thank, and walk away from those people is by having a handle on pregnancy nutrition. It’s a little different from everyday nutrition, so let’s look […]

Skin-To-Skin And Its Importance For Bonding

Whether you’re new to babies and parenthood or a seasoned professional, sooner or later you’ll hear about skin-to-skin or kangaroo care. So-called because of its resemblance to the way kangaroo mamas look after their joeys, scientists are proving what we have known instinctively for centuries: that skin touch is important.   What is skin-to-skin? Exactly […]