What’s the Snuza Pico Designed To Do And Not To Do?

It’s impossible to build everything into every single device. It would make them unmanageably large, not to mention prohibitively expensive. When we design a new device, we try to think about what would be useful for the parent and comfortable for the baby. We try to figure out what can be sacrificed to make it […]

Why Wait 20 Seconds For An Alert?

As producers of baby breathing and movement monitors, we’re often asked why our devices are designed to wait 20 seconds to alert parents and caregivers to a cessation of breathing. Why not, concerned parents ask, alert at 5 seconds or 10 seconds? In order to explain this, we have to look at what we know […]

Bebeğinizi Bir Sonraki Bebek İçin Hazırlamak

İlk bebek her zaman zordur. Ya ikincisi? Ebeveynler için bu genellikle daha kolaydır. Aileye yeni bir çocuk kazandırmak isteyen ebeveynlerin bir numaralı endişesi nedir? İlk bebekleri değişimi nasıl karşılayacak. Bu geçiş dönemini yumuşatmak adına işte size birkaç ipucu.   Sürekli Konuşun Bu konuyla ilgili uzmanlar, bebeğinizi yeni bir bebek için hazırlarken bu konuyla ilgili sıkça […]

Prematurity 101 For Prematurity Awareness Month

Once you’re pregnant, one of the things you guard against is preterm delivery. All moms want is to keep their baby baking for as long as they need, typically upwards of 37 weeks. But since there’s a lot that’s outside of anyone’s control, preterm or premature babies are born all the time. A few years […]

Developmental Milestones: The Early Years

It’s one of the complicated elements of parenting: you might want your baby to stay small but be equally desperate to see them grow and develop as they should. It’s a unique and bittersweet emotion that can be hard for parents — especially new parents — to reconcile. One way to track development is through […]

Differences Between A Snuza Hero SE And Hero MD Monitor

The day you bring your first tiny baby home can be one of the most nerve-wracking of your life. After a few days in the hospital, you’re suddenly responsible for the life of this small, vulnerable, oh-so-precious little thing. A baby breathing monitor can help ease your nervousness, especially in the first few months.    […]

Bebeğinizin doğmasına az kaldı, İlk hafta sizi neler bekliyor?

Nasıl bir şey? Annelik konusunda evrensel bir gerçek; her ne kadar iyi ve güçlü bir anne olacak gibi hissetseniz de bir noktada şüpheye düşebilirsiniz. Bu yazı için araştırma yaptığımız sırada sosyal medyada annelerin sıkça sordukları bir soruyla karşılaştık. “ Anneliğin ilk günlerinde ve haftalarında nasıl hissettiniz? Beklediğinizden kolay mı yoksa zor mu oldu? Kendinizi hazır […]

Your Growing Baby: Leaps And Growth Spurts

Babies are amazing, but they can be so, so confusing. Unless you’ve spent time with someone else’s baby, having your own — especially the first one — can be a lot to get your head around. One of the first things you’ll hear about is growth spurts, sometimes known as leaps. Let’s take a look […]

Partnership Between Snuza And The Lullaby Trust

We are delighted to announce a partnership with The Lullaby Trust, the leading charity for the prevention of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and support for parents bereaved by the sudden unexpected death of a baby. The Lullaby Trust (formerly FSID) promotes infant health and disseminates information on infant health, babycare and sudden infant deaths […]

Breastfeeding Your Little One: Hygiene Tips And Tricks

Breastfeeding can look, to the casual observer, like the easiest and most natural thing in the world. Once you start doing it, however, you realise that it’s a bit more complicated than that. There’s the latch, your letdown, engorgement, and supply to worry about. But one thing many people — even lactation consultants — often […]