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August 2020 Articles

Social Distancing & The Pre and Post-Partum Period

Published by Snuza on 28th August 2020

The before and after-effects of having a baby on mothers can be quite overwhelming. As expecting parents, especially in a time of social distancing, it can be challenging adapting to our new normal. You're not alone in this. Read More

Motherhood, Mental Health & New Mom Anxiety

Published by Snuza on 28th August 2020

Giving life to a tiny human is a magical yet life changing experience - mentally, physically & emotionally. New mom anxiety and mental health is a real thing! If you're feeling alone and overwhelmed in this season of your life, … Read More

How To Stimulate Healthy Brain Development For Babies

Published by Snuza on 28th August 2020

The human brain continues to develop and change into adulthood, however according to the Centres for Disease Control, it is the first 8 years which form the foundation for future learning, health and life success. Your baby’s future relationships, problem … Read More

Tags: growth, brain development, learning stages, babies