Why Choose The Snuza Go! Movement Monitor?

Choosing a baby monitor that works for your family, your lifestyle and your budget can look like a daunting task. We've cut out the clutter by offering a small range each with distinct offerings. Take the Snuza Go! for example."

What differentiates the Snuza Go! Movement Monitor?

This is our entry-level breathing movement monitor. It is designed with a ultra-sensitive sensor tip that rests on your baby's tummy, detecting even the slightest breathing movements."

Rather than vibrating to rouse your baby without alerting you, it has an adjustable alert timer. This means you can set it to alert you at 15, 18, or 20 seconds. At that point, it will sound an audible alarm to alert you to a lack of breathing movement.

Why choose the Snuza Go!

This device is a great way to monitor your baby's breathing movement without costing the earth. It works well in conjunction with other devices, such as an audiovisual monitor as well."

Some parents prefer to be alerted themselves as early as possible, while others prefer to allow the device to attempt to rouse the baby first. It's entirely up to your preference. The Snuza Go! will also alert you if breathing movements are very weak or fall below 8 movements per minute.

When not to use the Snuza Go!

As with all of our breathing movement monitors, we don't recommend using them when your baby is being moved. This covers when they are in a pram, car seat or bouncy chair, as the movement from the carrier can affect the ability of the device to detect a lack of movement of your baby."

We also don't recommend using them when co-sleeping on the same bed surface, as you or your partner's movements could mask a lack of movement of your baby. Co-sleeping using a separate bed surface, such as in a co-sleeping crib, should work perfectly.

How to get the most out of your Snuza Go!

  • Make sure that it's attached properly to your baby's nappy with a snug fit before they fall asleep and after every nappy change."
  • Ensure your baby sleeps on a firm, stable, motionless surface for all naps and during the night.
  • Read the lights correctly: Green means things are normal; Orange means movements are weak or small; Orange + pre-alert sounds means that movements have slowed or are very weak; Red + full alert means that movements have ceased for between 15 and 20 seconds (depending on how you have set it)

The Snuza Go! Breathing Movement Monitor is a great entry-level option allowing parents to monitor abdominal movements without breaking the bank. It's a useful little device that offers peace of mind and practical assistance.

Visit for more information on our different types of breathing movement monitors."


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