Snuza HeroSE Receives Coveted Kids Design Award In Japan

We are excited to announce that our Snuza HeroSE received the 13th Kids Design Award in Japan for the "Design that contributes to the safety and security of children" category. The Snuza HeroSE is certified as a Class 1 medical device in Japan. The Kids Design Awards is organized annually by the Kids Design Association. The program which recognizes outstanding products, spaces, services, activities, and academic programs that realize and disseminate the philosophies of designs for kids, namely designs that contribute to the safety and security of children, designs that cultivate children's creativity and sensibility, and designs that contribute to comfortably raising children.

The term "Kids Design" herein refers to a group of ideas and initiatives for utilizing the power of design to create a social environment that will contribute to the sound growth and development of the children who will become the next generation.

The Snuza HeroSE baby monitor is a portable, wearable monitor that clips onto your baby's diaper, continuously monitoring abdominal movements while they sleep. The device will alert you if abdominal movement stops or is weak, and will also try and gently rouse your baby if no abdominal movement is detected for a period of 15 seconds. After an additional 5 seconds, a sharp audible alarm will sound, alerting you that an immediate response is needed. The Snuza HeroSE is easy-to-use, small enough to slip into your baby bag and will give you the peace of mind you need.


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