Peace of Mind: The Gift That Keeps On Giving


Snuza: The Gift of Peace of Mind

New parenthood can be overwhelming. One minute you're responsible just for yourself; the next you have this tiny, vulnerable being entirely reliant on you. It can be a lot to take in. It's no surprise then, that so many of us feel anxious, especially in the first weeks and months postpartum. Here, we'll look at some of the sources of maternal anxiety and our solution to provide peace of mind.


In the 1960s, doctors and scientists introduced the term SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, as a coverall description for infant deaths that could not be explained. Babies and children are vulnerable, and have died for reasons known and unknown throughout the ages. As medical knowledge has improved, many of those are now known better. But to this day, sometimes babies die and we don't know why. However, many of these deaths can be averted if parents are alerted early enough that the infant has stopped breathing.

Sleep deprivation

Infant sleep is something that parents, doctors and scientists still don't really understand. We know that babies wake frequently at night to feed and for reassurance. And even once babies have started to sleep for longer periods, many parents still wake frequently to check that everything is well with their child. We've all heard of the popular term 'mombie', a mom/zombie hybrid that barely functions on very little sleep. Sleep deprivation can make anxiety and depression worse, and certainly doesn't help with functioning as a person and a parent daily.

Maternal anxiety

Parenthood is stressful, and especially so for mothers. In previous generations, new moms had the benefit of a community of mothers, grandmothers, aunts and close friends to help them find their feet and care for themselves and their new babies. In today's world, many Western mothers live far from their immediate family and lack the community that could gather and support them. This isolation, coupled with increasing societal pressure, has resulted in high levels of maternal anxiety.

Snuza, your peace of mind

It was with all these factors in mind that the Snuza baby monitor was designed. This mobile monitor is designed to be clipped to an infant's nappy. It has a soft, flexible, highly sensitive tip that rests on the babies tummy and provides constant feedback on the child's wellbeing. Each model works slightly differently, but all provide almost immediate alerts when baby has not moved or breathed in several seconds. This allows parents to react much more quickly, rousing or resuscitating their baby more quickly.

When it's all boiled down, the source of our anxiety, sleeplessness and stress is the wellbeing of our little baby. All we want as new parents is for our baby to thrive. And if there's a technology that can help with that, it's the Snuza. No matter which Snuza you choose for your family, you can be assured that if it's peace of mind you're looking for, it is that you will find.


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