Exciting Traditions to Start as Your Baby Grows

There's nothing like having family traditions, especially around the holidays. When you have traditions, it creates more of a Christmas spirit and gets most people excited for the magical time of the year. If you have a new baby, it can be exciting to start your first tradition. With our compiled list of ideas, you can find the perfect fit for your family.

1. Yearly Christmas Tree Farm Visits

If you're a lover for the natural smell of a real Christmas tree, and it's non-negotiable that you must get one, why not make it a yearly tradition? Heading out to the Christmas tree farm with some Christmas music on in the car will bring so much joy to your family. Whether you cut a tree down yourself or you visit a place that has them pre-cut, this is a tradition that can go on for years and create magical memories. Sure, your baby might be just a little thing right now but who's to say he or she won't love seeing all the trees and the falling snow (if there is any at the time)?

2. Starting the Santa Role

While your baby is still small and doesn't know what's going on regarding Santa, it's still a great time to begin the tradition. Think about what role he is going to play in your household - will he be bringing small gifts or the larger gifts? Every family is different so it's best to think about your preferences early on. While doing this, you can start leaving out milk and cookies (if that's your thing) as your little one will recognize this tradition as each year passes, and when they get to an age where they understand more it will create such excitement to get that special plate ready for Santa.

3. Drive Around to See Christmas Lights

Are the homes around your area usually decorated well? It can be a fun tradition to drive around and look at all the lights. Babies love bright colors and if you drive by well-lit up homes, your baby will be just as amazed as you (even if they don't truly understand the meaning \\xe2\\x80\\xa6 at least they would totally be into the bright colors.) As baby gets older, you can change up the routine a bit and sip on some hot cocoa while enjoying your sight-seeing light tradition.

4. Matching Pajamas and Family Night

Matching family pajamas make for a fun time, and kids just love it. Your baby isn't going to realize you have matching Christmas-themed pajamas but when he is older and looks back at photos, he will appreciate the time you spent with him and how magical you tried to make Christmas. Whether you cuddle up together on the couch to watch movies in your warm pajamas, or just play some fun games, quality time is all that matters and it's the perfect tradition to begin.

5. Read Christmas Books

On Christmas Eve, read some Christmas-themed books to your child either during the day or right before bed. As each year passes, your little one will look forward to your reading session. Bonus: your child may just develop a strong liking to reading by making this an exciting tradition.

6. Have a Special Meal

Whether you make a meal or you head to a relative's house for a Christmas meal, it's an ideal tradition to start with your child. As each year passes, he will get more excited to go see his cousins and other family members.

What was your favorite holiday tradition growing up? Did you pass any of your childhood traditions to your children? We can't wait to hear some other fun ideas!