20 Seconds is All it Takes


Every 20 seconds 40 224 pounds of edible food is thrown away in the United States.

Every 20 seconds 1200 new Instagram pictures are uploaded.

Every 20 seconds about 68 million emails are sent.

Every 20 seconds, about 40 babies are born into poverty.

Every 20 seconds the world has a net gain of about 52 people.

Every 20 seconds about 6 people die of starvation in the world.

Every 20 seconds about 4 children in the world die of starvation.

Every 20 seconds about 2000 lightening strikes have struck the ground.

Every 20 seconds the sound of thunder travels 4 miles.

Every 20 seconds 63200 tons of water flow over the Niagra Falls.

Every 20 seconds light will travel 5 995 849,160 meters.

Every 20 seconds, 320 million tons of water has evaporated from there earth surface.

Every 20 seconds the sun flings 20 million tons of matter out into space.

Every 20 seconds the universe has expanded about 184 miles.

Every 20 seconds 2,000 000 chemical reaction have taken place in every single cell in your body.

Every 20 seconds 89 babies are born in the world.

The Importance of 20 Seconds

We at Snuza understand the importance of 20 seconds and is a concept that our Baby Movement Monitors technology is based on. The World Health Organisation recommends the warning of an apnea event in 20 seconds. Our Snuza Hero Baby Wearable Abdominal Movement Monitor is designed to measure your baby's abdominal movements and will vibrate after 15 seconds if no movement is detected and will alarm if no movement is detected after a further 5 seconds, reaching the 20 seconds mark.

The Quickest Way to Know if Your Baby is Moving

Since baby's tummy movements can be measured, movement monitors are the fastest and most reliable method of monitoring and alerting you when an apnea event has occurred." Our baby monitors are more than just baby monitors, they act as a voice for babies when they need it the most.

Time is Fleeting

No matter how amazing you are as a parent, the one thing that you have no say over is the inevitable ticking of time. It's that one thing that plays on the minds of parents and is dreaded by many. It affects us all and yet we have no control over it.

For some reason, being a parent makes this reality even more apparent. Clocks seem to go much faster with children on the scene. We look back on the last week only to realise it was 3 years ago. Clocks seem to tick a different tock with every child added into the mix. There is nothing quite like the bitter sweet passing of another birthday to mark the passing of time.

As a parent you look back as if it was yesterday when you were in hospital with your first baby. The overwhelming emotions of being a parent for the first time. The immense amount of love you have for your little bundle you have to now take home and look after. The perfect baby smell, the tiny fingers and toes, the countless sleepless nights, the frustration and the tiredness. Fast-forward to today and you are watching your little bundle starting their first day of school, heading to college and packing their bags to venture out into the big world on their own. The years go by in a blink of an eye. A lifetime of memories seem to be made up in a single moment. What ended up being years felt like just a few seconds.

We all need more time and every 20 second stint we can get our hands on. "Nothing makes this more apparent than caring for a child and realising that 20 seconds is all it takes."

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