Why Choose The Snuza Pico?

In this modern world, we're all connected all the time. We have our mobile phones on us or near us 24/7, and then Apple Watches or Fitbits monitor our movements, sleep, and everything in between. The Snuza Pico is a smart baby breathing or abdominal movement monitor designed to integrate with your smartphone."

What do the Snuza monitors do?

At Snuza, we have a range of baby movement and breathing monitors. They all function quite similarly on a basic level. They all monitor either abdominal breathing movements or breathing itself, and vibrate after 15 seconds of no movement or breathing. After 5 more seconds or 20 seconds total, the devices will sound a loud alarm.

What makes the Pico different?

But the Pico offers more. In addition to monitoring your baby's abdominal breathing movements, the Pico also monitors skin temperature, movement and sleep cycles, and detects falls. All the information tracked by the device is fed into an app on your connected smartphone."

This information allows you to care for your baby in new ways. For example, when your baby starts to get too warm from overheating the room or a fever, your app will notify you. This allows you to lower the temperature in the room or check on your baby's health. Sleep analysis can give you useful information for timing naps or hitting the sweet spot for bedtime."

How does the Pico connect to my phone?

We've used the safest form of electronic information transfer in the Snuza Pico. BLE, or Bluetooth Low Energy, uses incredibly low power to transmit information to a connected smartphone. This is the safest form of power for use so close to a baby, but it can limit the range of such a device.

Will I need another audio or video monitor too?

We don't think so. All of our devices sound a loud alarm in the event of a 20-second cessation of breathing. Your ability to hear that alarm will depend on how close you are to the device. If your baby sleeps alone in another room with their door closed, for example, or you have a very large house, you might need to use an additional audio monitor to transmit the alarm sound.

Thanks to the connected app, you'll be able to hear and see the Pico's alarm directly on your phone. No need to carry around another device, and you can monitor your baby's sleeping and skin temperature, too.

What happens during night feeds?

We've all heard stories from tired parents feeding baby throughout the night. They pick up the baby, forgetting the movement monitor pad in the base of the bed. When the baby has gone, the alarm sounds waking up the whole house.

With the Snuza Pico, it'll sound a quiet beep to remind you to pause it. Or, you can pause it in the app. Once the baby has been fed and put back into their bed, you can restart the device using the power button or using the app. It's easy! If you can't remember all that, you can configure the app settings to restart the device after it's been paused for a certain amount of time.

Infant sleep is a complicated, hard to navigate area, fraught with danger. By using a Snuza Pico device while your baby sleeps, you have a lot of extra information available to you. The device also, most importantly, monitors your baby's abdominal breathing movements and will rouse either the baby or the caregiver should that ever stop. By integrating these functions with your smartphone, we hope to ease the process for parents.


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