6 Fun Ideas For Your Baby’s First Christmas

Having a little one around during the holidays just adds more excitement and Christmas spirit. When it's your baby's very first Christmas, you're likely going to want to go all out - you'll want to do ALL the things. We're giving you some exciting ideas to make your little one's first Christmas perfect.

1. Baby's First Christmas Pajamas

Whether you want to get a new Christmas pajama outfit, or even go all out and get matching family and baby pajamas, this is a must! What's Christmas without some cute pajamas with Christmas trees or Santa Clause? Not to mention, if you decide to take Christmas photos with the pajamas, they will add a nice touch.

2. Personalized Christmas Ornament

Don't forget to get a personalized Christmas ornament so you can hang it up each Christmas for years to come. There's nothing like a personal keepsake ornament, and it will add a magical touch to your tree.

3. Decorate Baby's Nursery

You can get your living room full of Christmas spirit with your colored string lights wrapped around your tree, with your garland sitting perfectly twirled around the tree - but don't forget about baby's room. While babies don't really understand Christmas, it will put the rest of the house in a nice Christmas spirit every time they step foot in the nursery. Even if you hang some lights around the ceiling or hang some sparkly snowflakes from the ceiling, that's just enough for a dash of Christmas vibes.

4. Turning Handprints Into Magical Memories

Who doesn't like crafts with their child's handprint? A great way to preserve your child's handprint is to create a special Christmas tree ornament. If you want to keep the handprint up all year around, you could also hang it on the wall in a frame. Not to mention, handprint crafts make great gifts for the family, and everyone can remember just how tiny those hands were on baby's first Christmas.

5. Start Your Own Tradition

Think back to the traditions you had as a child. Was there one that made you ecstatic for the holidays? You could start one like that. Is there a tradition you wish was around when you were a kid? Why not start that? Think of something that your child will grow to love, and something you look forward to as well.

6. Meet Santa

Some parents don't like the idea of teaching their children about Santa \xe2\x80\x94 that's okay. Everyone has their own parenting ways. If you do want your child to believe in Santa, however, don't forget to get a picture taken with your baby and Santa. It will make for a very memorable picture. Whether you get a Christmas-type of frame or put the photo in a snow globe, you will always have that picture to treasure \xe2\x80\x94 the very first moment your baby met Santa.

Do you have other fun and exciting ideas you want to share with other parents? Drop those ideas below in the comments. We are looking forward to seeing some creative ideas.


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