Award-winning baby monitors designed to alert parents if abdominal movements stop

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Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon

Lightweight and portable with no cords or complicated sensor pads.

Monitors your little one’s abdominal movements

Easy to use and simply clips onto diaper/nappy

Snuza HeroMD


Snuza HeroMD is the first certified baby breathing monitor in Europe and has been clinically proven to detect if a baby stops breathing.

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Snuza HeroSE


Snuza HeroSE will monitor your baby's abdominal movements while they sleep and will alarm if it stops. It's lightweight, easy to use and fits in the palm of your hand.

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Top Reviews


I've never yet written an Amazon review for a product, but after 3 months of faultless nightly use of this tiny device, I felt I had to share. Like many parents, I found myself worrying about SIDS, and waking in a panic multiple times a night to check my newborn was still breathing. I cannot express the reassurance this little device has offered me - now if I wake at night, I can simply listen to the quiet "tick-tick" (or silent flashing light, if you prefer) and know that all is well.


I am a Paramedic and was worried about SIDS and I found it really hard to relax and sleep properly when my baby was asleep. The device slides onto a nappy, and gives off a light each time the baby breaths. This light can normally been seen through clothes, so you can see it easily in the dark. The sensitivity is good and the alarm is loud so you can hear it if you're sleeping next to the baby. I sleep when my baby sleeps now.


We originally tried the much more expensive sock-based competitor, which was absolutely terrible; ridden w/ false alarms and much too complicated for our preference. That got returned, and we tried this instead. The Snuza HeroSE works wonderfully, and is extremely simple. No apps, no connection issues, no repeated false alarms... just pure functionality. I'd recommend this to any parent.

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