Snuza Hero gives mom of preemie renewed confidence


My baby was born two month premature and spent almost five weeks in the NICU after she was born.

I had purchased the Snuza while pregnant, but didn't realize how grateful I would be to have it. Shortly after her discharge she had one more apnea or bradycardia incident at home but the Snuza caught the incident and we were able to rub her belly and stimulate her. The pediatrician wanted to readmit her after the incident, however we had enough confidence in the device that we brought her home and she hasn't had another incident since. Our baby wears her Snuza 24 hours a day -- we only remove it at bath time and during diaper changes. As you can see, she even wears it while awake at the beach! Thank you for creating the most wonderful product baby product ever!

Alysa Shaw, Canada



A grateful Mama recommends Snuza


Used the Snuza Hero for both my kids!

Seriously though, used the Snuza Hero for both my kids! Can’t say enough how much we love it.

Amanda Veno, United States

A grateful Mama recommends Snuza


"Peaceful sleep is possible"

Peaceful sleep is possible during infancy with the help of a Snuza. I would recommend it 1000 times over.

Tanya Manie, South Africa

"Thank you for this amazing product."


"This is the greatest invention since disposable nappies!"

I just wanted to say a huge 'thank-you' for this amazing product. I have recommended it to ALL of our friends (and their friends) who are expecting. The Pico has meant that, when my baby sleeps, I am able to sleep properly without worrying about his breathing and temperature. Of all the baby gadgets and gizmos, I would say that this is the one that we CANNOT go without.

Kerry-Lynn Giraud, South Africa

Snuza Pico - Tiny, but Mighty


"Put the Pico at the top of your tech gift list for baby showers"

This is the second Snuza monitor I’ve had the opportunity to review and as much as I love the simplistic versatility of the Snuza Hero, the higher tech capabilities of the Snuza Pico have stolen my heart! This thing is tiny but mighty! (Much like our babies, am I right?!) but worry not you won’t need to worry about your Snuza getting lost because much like the Hero, the Pico comes with its very own case!

However the Pico case isn’t just a case, it’s a secure charging dock! Talk about a bonus! Speaking of charging - it doesn’t take very long for this potentially life-saving device to charge at all. It’s very simple to use and from my experience the babies that are being monitored don’t even notice that it’s there!

Our experience with Snuza products have been incredible there is only one thing I would change if I could and it is more of a convenience factor than anything, but I’d extend the range of the Snuza communication with the app. The range is fine for night time when everyone is asleep but it’s difficult to use during naps for that reason if you’re like me and take your phone with you to do household things.  It is absolutely worth the purchase!  Snuza is now my go-to brand for wearable sleep monitoring. 

Put these at the top of your tech gift list for baby showers or even just as a nice surprise for new parents. They’ll love you for it and you’ll love yourself for helping keep little ones safe.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Snuza for watching our son


"This morning my son stopped breathing in his sleep while both of us were asleep..."

I do not usually write product reviews, good or bad, even if Amazon is the place we primarly buy ... well everything.
However I feel the need to write here to say how much buying this product has been the best decision we made. This morning my son stopped breathing in his sleep while both of us were asleep. The snuza alarm went off and woke us up instantly - we were both a the crib instantly. The baby was not breathing, he probably went into deep sleep - we managed to quickly wake him up and all is fine... but I am so grateful for the Snuza. It's priceless to us. I don't even want to think about what could have happend if we did not have it.

Kerad, United States

"Awesome for anxious parents"


"My favorite part is the light that goes off with every movement"

My husband and I are the kind of parents who jump out of bed and hover over a newborn/infant until we see or hear them breathe... All night and even day, during naps. So, we love this little gadget. My favorite part is the light that goes off with every movement and the option to have an audible beep sound off as well. The light is bright enough to show through all the clothes I have had on my son so far and even through his lightweight swaddle blankets, though it is hard to see with all those layers. We have used this for a few weeks now and no false alarms. 

D Morgan, Phoenix, AZ

"This monitor is extremely portable..."

"Ive finally gotten sleep"

First off the monitor is extremely portable. I've been able to easily take it with me out to grandma and grandpas to use out there. Secondly, I've finally gotten sleep because I trust this monitor so much. I tested it a few times to make sure the alarm went off without movement and not only does it go off it vibrates on the baby's belly as well. I have and will continue to to recommend this product to new moms.

Aloch, United States

A brilliant device


Highly recommended.

I’ve been using Snuza Hero for my twins for the last 5 months and it’s been brilliant. Highly recommended.

Grace Halden, UK.

Snuza mom enjoys her Snuza Connect App.


Parents can sleep peacefully.

Ability to watch breath, temperature and infant turn. The parent can then sleep peacefully. The application is clear and simple. Can be installed in iOS or Android.

Hana Dvorská, Czech Republic

"I Love My Snuza Pico"


"Snuza Pico, best invention!"

Just wanted to send a thank you for the best invention! I love my Snuza Pico and would not know what I would do without it

Mel Malcomson, Australia

It's worth every dollar!


"I had always worried about SIDS..."

I had always worried about SIDS but from the moment I saw that this kind of technology was available, it brought me some peace of mind. Worth every dollar!

Breanna Hale, United States

"Early intervention can save anyone's life"


"It gives me peace of mind"

One of my worst fears is waking up and my baby not being responsive, it gives me peace of mind. Early intervention can save anyone's life and this is definitely a good device to have.

Traci Parrish, United States

The Snuza Monitor, "Best gift ever!"


Worth every penny!

I received the Snuza Hero portable movement monitor as a shower gift this summer. I never realized until after the baby was born just how wonderful this gift really was. We use it every day all day. It gives us such peace of mind.  All you have to do is clip the monitor onto the baby's diaper and turn it on!  We had 1 or 2 false alarms where the alarm went off due to the monitor not having contact with the baby's belly... After running in to check to make sure everything is ok... I adjusted the monitor and had complete peace of mind knowing that it worked. I just bought 2 other monitors to give as shower gifts to friends and family! It was the best gift that I received! Worth every penny!

New Mom Mandy, Ohio

"I can finally sleep peacefully!"

"I used to check on her regularly..."

I recently started to use this monitor with my daughter and it has helped me rest easily now during her naps and overnight sleep! I used to check on her regularly because I was only using a sound monitor and wanted to see for myself that she was ok. After using the Snuza monitor, I no longer worry! The instructions were easy to follow and setup was a breeze. I tested the product on myself to ensure that it worked properly and it only took minutes to feel comfortable using it on my daughter. I would highly recommend Snuza to my friends and family!

New Mom

"A must have!"


"Love it, gives me such peace of mind."

It did go off 2 times my with my grandchild who is 6 weeks old. The vibration startled her to breath luckily. Every parent should have one to help eliminate SIDS. I am a Nurse and I 100% endorse this product.

Amy-Lee Larson, United States

Peace of mind


A Snuza mama's number one recommended product.

Best product that helped me have peace.

Lisa Rowell, United States

I love the Snuza HeroSE so much.


A Snuza mama's number one recommended product.

I love this thing so much and can’t even imagine not using it tonight. I used it with my daughter for 18 months and now my newborn son. It would still be my number one recommended product to ANY mom or expecting mom.

Jody Hurley, United States

Love the Snuza Pico. Great product!


Snuza Pico gives mom peace of mind.

Love it and love the peace of mind it gives me! Great product.

Jessica Cotaya, United States

Outstanding Product

"I love this product!

I love this product! As a new mom I was constantly checking on my baby throughout the night to make sure that she was ok and was thrilled when my sister told me about Snuza. I just attached the monitor to my baby's diaper and in that same week the alarm went off, saving my baby's life. If you're looking for a movement monitor, this is a MUST!

Happy Mommy, New York

"Got my life back"


As a person with SEVERE anxiety this item has changed my life!

I brought my son home from the hospital 3 weeks ago, he is my first child. I couldn't leave his side, fear and exhaustion consumed me! My biggest fear of course is SIDS. I know it is so rare, but if you suffer from anxiety you know the rarity doesn't ease the fear once it's in your mind. I found this product and had it overnighted, I didn't even mind the hefty shipping cost. It has been on my son non stop since then! It works really great! I turn on the beeper so I can hear his heart beat every time. I have gotten my life back! I can clean the house, leave the room, take a phone call with absolutely no worry! He still has his umbilical cord so positioning the device is a little harder than I'd like, but we manage. I would love for them to come out with one a little smaller, I'm sure eventually they will. I'm not sure how well it will work once he gets bigger and starts moving, but for now it has paid for itself times ten just by giving me two weeks of peace and SLEEP! If you are a worrier I can't Recommend this product enough! Trust me, it's worth the price!

Erin, United States

I highly recommend this product


My baby was born two month premature and spent almost five weeks in the NICU after she was born.

I checked on my daughter one morning and she had stopped breathing, I picked her up and she slowly started again. If I ever wanted to sleep again I knew we'd have to get a breathing monitor. We chose the Snuza because it's portable and no installation needed. We have been thrilled with the product. It has woken her up to start breathing once, and gives me peace of mind. I highly recommend this product!




We love Snuza monitor and so happy your baby is doing well!


I liked the Snuza monitor best. It has been such a peace of mind.

Doctors couldn’t figure out why my son just stopped breathing and he was put on a heart monitor for 6 months at home! This happened 11 years ago, my son stopped breathing twice when he was 3 months and then again at 4 months. Fast forward 11 years when I had my daughter (2 months ago), before she was born I researched baby monitors and liked Snuza the best. It has been such a peace of mind and has alerted us twice when she had a scare. We love ours and so happy your baby is doing well!

Ashley Hernandez, South Africa

Thank goodness for our Snuza Hero


It alerted us to our son who had stopped breathing and was limp.

Hey guys. Just wanted to say a big thank you for your product. We recently discovered our son and daughter both have Sleep Apnea through the use of the Snuza Hero. It alerted us to our son who had stopped breathing and was limp. Thank goodness he had the Snuza Hero on. He was then taken for testing. Amazing product!

Brooke Tonkin, Australia

Snuza Hero proves it really is a little hero


Last night your product saved my sons life. His name is Landon and only 5 months old.

He fell into a deep sleep and stopped breathing. Without the snuza we would have lost him. Words can't describe the positive impacts your company has had on our family. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Megan Cross, United States

Snuza mom sees her Snuza as a life saver!


My son has laryngomalacia, this causes blue spells and for him to stop breathing in his sleep.

Snuza alarms me on a nightly bases when he is having trouble. I can't imagine how many times it's saved his life, and never want to imagine where we would be without this product! Thank you for being a life saver.

Krystar DodgeUnited States

"I cannot put into words how grateful I am"


 I cannot put into words how grateful I am.

Last year I began looking for a product to monitor my unborn baby. She was due at the end of the year. I've always been concerned about SIDS because I lost my baby brother when I was nine.  I found the Snuza and was very excited. Unfortunately, we lost our baby (Julianna) due to a cord accident. Through Gods grace we got pregnant again at the beginning of the year. Gabriella was born 5 weeks early and went the NICU because her lungs were underdeveloped. It was easy seeing her there because she was protected and the alarms were set off if something was going on. Bringing her home was so stressful but thank God for the Snuza. I was able to sleep and be at peace knowing the alarm would go off if she stopped breathing. This is the best product for any parent with small children!!! Thank you for the hard work you put into devolving this product. I cannot put into words how grateful I am. Thank you.

 Lisa Rowell, United States

"I'll actually get some sleep in the hospital post c section vs worrying constantly! thanks to Snuza"


Now we are expecting number 4 and we will for sure be using Snuza again!!!

 I didn't hear about the Snuza until baby number 3!  For my first I was awake all hours of the night and had such little sleep because I had to watch him breathe the entire time.  I found the Snuza for baby 3 and loved it!  It's so nice and portable and we've given it as gifts and recommended it to many people.  Now we are expecting number 4 and we will for sure be using Snuza again!!!  I forgot to add that I even packed it in my diaper bag for the hospital and plan on putting it on her at the hospital, that's the beauty of having a portable breathing monitor.  I'll actually get some sleep in the hospital post c section vs worrying constantly! 

Autumn Bennett Skousen, United States

My baby's life is priceless. Thank you for saving Alfie.


Had we not purchased that monitor, I suspect Alfie would of been another baby that passed to cot death.

My son was born at 38 weeks and 3 days presumed a very healthy baby although low birth weight and a placenta that hadn't worked for 12 weeks we were sent home. With in hours I knew my baby wasn't well with in a week he ended up in picu. We spent 7 weeks in hospital. We were told everything was fine I knew he wasnt. The day before we left the hospital I ordered the Snuza hero baby monitor. The monitor arrived and it was great too finally have peace of mind although we did have a few alarms each day and constant yellow flashing of the light. My baby just wouldn't settle and this alarm wouldn't stop sounding and vibrating so I was getting him checked out. That monitor saved his life.. he ended up on life support again.. since then hes been diagnosed with a whole list of medical diagnoses. Had we not purchased that monitor I suspect alfie would of been another baby that passed to cot death. I paid 80 pound for that monitor just 80 pound I've heard how it's expensive how it will just make parents worry a whole list of excuses. I know one thing that monitor is 80 pound my baby's life is priceless <3 Thank you for saving my baby's life <3

Micheáilín Riabhach

Peace of mind for preemie mom


This is incredibly awesome technology that saved my little one!

Snuza saved my Hailey! My daughter Hailey is a preemie so I definitely wanted to make sure we had peace of mind when we took her home. Two nights ago, I heard her Snuza go off. I rushed out of bed. She wasn't breathing. I was able to jostle her chest a little bit and she startled and woke up. What if the Snuza wasn't there? I shudder to think about that. 

Meaghan Campiglio, United States

The Snuza Hero helps alert mom of motionless baby


Thank You!!! Snuza saved my baby's life!

My 3 month old daughter was very fussy one morning but I had to get ready for work so I gave her her paci and put her in her bassinet. She got quiet and I just thought she was happy with her paci. While I was quickly getting ready for work her Snuza went off! I ran to her bassinet and she looked horrible. Completely motionless with her eyes wide open and glazed over. I thought she had died. I picked her up and she started breathing again. She has Severe acid reflux and the doctor said it probably got in her throat and obstructed her airway and it cleared when I picked her up. If it were not for her Snuza I would not have known she was in distress. She wears her Sunza 24 hours a day, and will continue to wear it until she figures out how to pull it off and throw it out of her crib!!!

Jennifer Loukota Gray, United States

"This little Purple Prince has been my saving grace more than once!"


This little Purple Prince has been my saving grace more than once! 

Last week sometime we woke up with the alarm going off, took me a few seconds to register where the sound was coming from, luckily hubby clicked right away, my 8month old was not breathing. I picked him up and placed my hand softly on his belly and gave him a little jiggle and he started breathing. I dont even want to go into "What If's"!!!! The thought is enough to make me loose my mind! Hubby has finally found new respect for the Purple Prince! Thank you SNUZA!

Ruzelle Enslin, United States

"I'm seriously grateful for this product!"


I am so in love with the Snuza!

I am so in love with the Snuza! I'm not kidding, I tell every new mom that this isn't just a luxury but actually a necessity. It's about time we put it away but we've used ours for 6 months. It's still going strong on it's original battery too. I'm seriously grateful for this product!

Laura Hall, United States

Grateful mom shares her Snuza story


Thank you so much for Snuza.

I was so afraid to go to sleep the first few nights but Snuza helps me sleep through the night without having to worry too much about my baby girl!  And it saved my baby one time when she stopped breathing and we had to take her to the hospital! Thank you so much for Snuza.

Sigga Ósk Arnþórsdóttir, Iceland

Post natal anxiety is reduced with Snuza mom


Thank you so much for Snuza.

My parents lost my brother to SIDS when he was just 6wks old. It has triggered pretty bad post natal anxiety for me after having all three of my children. My 1st we had on a mattress monitor and spent the 1st two weeks of her like convinced there was something wrong with her as the alarm kept going off... We didn't get another as we were scared of the same thing happening again. Our 2nd baby we still were to scared to use another monitor... Then when baby number 3 came along the anxiety was the worst it had ever been, I couldn't even put her in the car. Then I found Snuza! She always has it on, and mummy no longer spends her days staring at her tummy to make sure she is moving! We have never had a false alarm! It has been my life saver!

Melanie Ann, United States

"I love that I have been able to have a good nights sleep every night"


Thank you so much for Snuza!

Every night she goes to sleep wearing her Snuza. I love that I have been able to have a good nights sleep every night and not worried and jumping up to check her every 5 minutes. We are able to take our Snuza away on holidays too. She has worn it every night since she was born 6 months ago tomorrow. I recommend it to all of my friends. Thanks Snuza! 

Kendall Pavlovic, United States

Snuza Hero brings tears of relief to sleep deprived mom


For our family it is as essential as the car seat!

 I remember when the UPS man delivered my daughter's Snuza. I hadn't slept in about 2 weeks straight and I cried with relief and hope knowing a tiny piece of technology would keep vigil over my baby so I could sleep for 3 hours straight before waking to nurse her. Getting a new one for this baby - for our family it is as essential as the car seat!

Stephanie Bernstein, United States