Frequently Asked Questions

eBay Refunds

As eBay is not a registered Snuza reseller, we do not provide refunds on any Snuza products bought on eBay as we cannot guarantee the product condition when sold.  Please refer any enquiries back to the reseller.

Is My Phone Compatible with The Snuza Connect App?

Snuza Connect App is not compatible with the following mobile devices:
  • Samsung A8
  • Samsung A20
  • Huawei P8 Lite
  • Huawei P9 lite
  • Xiaomi Mi A2
  • Xiaomi Mi 9 SE
  • Xiaomi Mi A1
All Xiaomi and Huawei phones should not be used.

Does Snuza guarantee my baby’s safety?

No. As the parent, you are still responsible for your baby’s safety. Snuza baby monitors are designed to measure your baby’s breathing movement and alert parents if no movement has been detected. For more information read our Disclaimer.

Does Snuza offer warranty?

Yes. We offer a 12 month warranty from defects in materials and workmanship from the original date of purchase, verified by a sales receipt. Please contact your nearest store or distributor for advice. (Snuza warranty does not cover the battery, incorrect application, tampering, misuse or transport damage.)

How long would the batteries last?

The Snuza Hero, Go and Hero MD uses CR2 batteries and they will last on average of 5 months depending on usage. The Snuza Pico has a rechargeable battery.

How do I update my Snuza Pico Firmware

Place your Snuza Pico on charge and connect your smart device for the duration of the update. Ensure that your smart device is connected to the internet. The firmware will automatically update. The progress can be seen in settings of the specific Pico. Leave for approximately 1 hour for a full update. Latest version: 4.122

Are Snuza monitors classified as medical devices?

The Snuza Pico, Hero and Go are not medical devices. It falls into a similar class of device as exercise heart-rate monitors (the kind that has a strap around your chest and transmits your heart rate to a watch), but they only monitor movement (Pico monitors Skin temperature and Body position too). It should not be used to diagnose, monitor, treat or alleviate a disease, injury or handicap. Nor should it be used to investigate (i.e. find the cause of) a physiological process (i.e. breathing).

The Hero MD (Only available in Europe) is medically certified according to European Directive 93/42/EEC.

How is Snuza different from under mattress monitors?

Snuza is portable, uses replaceable batteries and attaches to your baby’s diaper. It monitors your babys breathing movement via the tummy and alerts you if there is no movement detected. Snuza has sold over 400 000 monitors worldwide and has accumulated more than 1 billion hours of tried and trusted use.

Can I use a Snuza with reusable/cloth diapers?

Yes. If the cloth diapers are too thick for attachment, Hero should be securely attached to the diaper cover or waterproof pants – ensure a snug fit so that your Snuza Monitor maintains body contact. You may need to position the monitor slightly to the side to ensure maximum contact.


Can Snuza be used with tummy sleepers?

The Snuza is designed to read your baby’s tummy movements as this is where the most movement occurs. If your baby sleeps on its tummy, the Snuza can be placed on the side, however, this is not recommended as less movement occurs there and you could experience false alarms. It is recommended by The WHO (World Health Organization) that to reduce the risk of SIDS it is best that your baby sleeps on their back.


Are Snuza monitors suitable for co-sleeping or using in a vehicle?

No. Snuza monitors are not suitable for co-sleeping or for use in a vehicle. The movement sensors are too sensitive and will pick up the external movement from the vehicle or the co-sleeper.

What is the battery life of the Snuza Monitor?

The life of a battery depends entirely on usage time. It will vary significantly depending on the average daily duration of use and/or alarm duration and/or number of alarms. Turning it on and off unnecessarily also shortens the battery life. If the number of alarms is high, always check the diaper fitment.

Under normal circumstances the battery used in your Snuza® movement monitor should last up to 5 months.
For all Snuza products that use CR2 batteries, we recommend only using Energizer and Duracell primary CR2 batteries (3V).

How can I tell if the battery is depleted on my Snuza Monitor?

If the Snuza® Battery Indicator Light shows that the battery is depleted or nearing depletion (flashing orange or red), do not use the monitor again until you have replaced the battery.
For all Snuza products that use CR2 batteries, we recommend only using Energizer and Duracell primary CR2 batteries (3V).

How do I dispose of the Snuza Monitor batteries?

The battery must be disposed of in accordance with your country’s laws governing the disposal and recycling of batteries.

How do I replace the battery of my Snuza Monitor?

The batteries used in the Snuza® movement monitors are user-replaceable.
Remove the Battery Cover on the underside of the unit.
Remove the depleted battery.
Insert the new battery, ensuring that the polarity is correct.
Replace the Battery Cover and ensure that it is correctly closed.
Test the unit by switching on and ensuring that the Battery Indicator Light flashes green.
If the unit starts emitting a beep after the battery has been replaced, simply press the ON/OFF and MODE/OFF buttons simultaneously to turn it off.
For all Snuza products that use CR2 batteries, we recommend only using Energizer and Duracell primary CR2 batteries (3V).

I have more questions?

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