How to Prepare Your Baby for the Next Baby

Going from zero to one kid can be tough. But going up to two? That’s generally easier, at least for the parents. The number one thing most parents worry about when it comes to adding a kid? How their first baby will handle the change. Here are some great ways to ease the transition for […]

Why Babies Need Tummy Time

Life with a new baby is full on! Whether you’re home with your newborn or eagerly awaiting their arrival, there’s a lot to learn and adjust to. Once you’ve started to figure out the basics, one great way to bond and help your baby’s development is through tummy time. You might have heard the term […]

Having a baby soon? What’s the first week like?

What It’s Really Like If there’s one thing that appears to be universally true about parenting, it’s that even the very best, most capable looking parents have felt doubt. While researching for this article, we reached out to a community of parents on social media, asking the question: “How did you feel in the first […]

How to Survive Sleep Regression

Ah, sleep. Precious, sometimes all-too-little sleep. If you’re in the throes of the newborn weeks, you might be thinking longingly of your pre-baby life and all the Saturdays you used to sleep in. Or, maybe you’re lucky and your little one is a great sleeper? Whichever way your particular cookie has crumbled, sleep regressions happen […]

New Baby Checklist

What Do You Really Need? There are millions of new baby checklists across Pinterest and the internet. If you’ve been pregnant for five minutes, someone has probably sent you one. You may think you need that automatic nappy bagging bin, a crib that will jiggle baby up and down and a whole lot else. But, […]

How to Cope With Bedtime When You’re Exhausted

Ah, bedtime. Depending on your kid, your household and your energy levels, it can be a great relaxing time or an absolute nightmare. Whether you have one baby or more, bedtime can be a juggle and sometimes a fight. And when you’re tired, it’s doubly, no, triply hard. So, let’s get into it. How to […]

Why Is My Toddler Crying Now?

How To Deal When Your Toddler Is Crying (Again) Let’s be honest for a second: babies and toddlers cry an awful lot. And if you’re even half human, there have probably been times when you’ve wanted to glue your ears shut. Maybe you’ve yelled, maybe you’ve put your child (or yourself) in time out more […]

Linking sleep cycles

How to Get Your Baby to Sleep for Longer Whoever coined the phrase ‘sleeps like a baby’ had clearly never met a baby. Unless they meant ‘sleeps peacefully on your body but wakes screaming the moment you put them down’, or ‘never sleeps for longer than 30 minutes’, of course. Babies and sleep are uneasy […]

How Snuza Saved My Baby’s Life

We will always be there to give you peace of mind   Bringing your baby home from hospital is one of the most simultaneously happy and terrifying moments. When you get home, you’re on your own. There are no nurses to call when something scary happens: it’s all on you. It’s understandable then, that so […]

Peace of Mind: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Snuza: The Gift of Peace of Mind   New parenthood can be overwhelming. One minute you’re responsible just for yourself; the next you have this tiny, vulnerable being entirely reliant on you. It can be a lot to take in. It’s no surprise then, that so many of us feel anxious, especially in the first […]