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Snuza Baby Monitors - sleep safe,safety & security,private connection,digital,night light,talk back,belt clip,parent unit,baby unit,sound,rechargeable,LED,wireless,award-winning,adjustable,LCD,Vox,baby showers Snuza Child Monitors - baby,infant,monitor,monitors,monitoring,mobile,portable,camera,video,audio,movement,breathing,vibration,apnoea,SIDS,baby showersSnuza Infant Monitors - child,baby,monitor,monitors,monitoring,mobile,portable,camera,video,audio,movement,breathing,vibration,apnoea,SIDS,baby showers
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"Snuza Go! is Wonderful. We bought 2 for our premature twins and they give us the peace of mind to sleep at night. We were going to buy sensor mats but, after using these in the neonatal unit, we decided against it. They caused so much stress due to false alarms!! Snuza Go! is definitely our monitor of choice and what every pregnant lady should have on her essential list."

“I love the freedom of being able to go anywhere with Snuza Go!”

“I absolutely love the Snuza Go!. Our son is at a higher risk for SIDS due to being born a bit early and being relatively low birth weight. These factors combined with the fact that he sleeps in multiple places (making an under-mattress monitor useless) made the Snuza a great choice for us. We can use it whether he is sleeping in bed with us, in his crib, in his bouncy seat, or even in his carseat. Because it is so easy to use, even his grandparents can use it. I highly recommend this product!”

“My daughter was born prematurely and was on oxygen until she was 9 weeks old. She wears this monitor EVERY night! It lets me sleep so much better knowing that if she were to stop breathing the monitor would alarm and I could immediately intervene. I haven't had any problems with false alarms. Great product, I would recommend it to anyone!”

“As a new mother, I was constantly waking up at night checking on my newborn son. I was anxious and would always stick my finger under his nose to make sure he was breathing. The quality of my sleep was poor, which is even worse because mothers of newborns don't get much sleep anyway! This product came highly recommended to me by my sisters. I ordered this and have been SO PLEASED with it! It works perfectly and allows me so much peace of mind at night! I don't wake up every 30 minutes to check on my son anymore, and as a result, my sleep quality is SO MUCH better and allows me to take better care of my son when I am awake. It is worth every penny, and I highly recommend it for any mother of a newborn!”

“We bought this monitor because it can attach to the baby’s diaper no matter where he’s sleeping, unlike other monitors that the baby lies on in a crib. We use it for his naps in his pack&play and for sleeping at night in his own bed or when traveling! Our baby boy slept in our sunroom just off our room for the first 4 weeks and neither of us was getting any sleep so it was time to put him in his own room. This monitor gave me peace of mind and I was actually able to sleep! I was extremely paranoid and was checking him almost every hour before we purchased this! Our son is 4 months now and sleeping through the night I am soooo thankful we were able to purchase this! It was definitely worth it!!!!

"My daughter was born at 30 weeks weighing only 850gr. Whilst in ICU the doctor advised me to purchase a movement monitor for her, she cannot go home without it! There were two mobile products on the market. Before I purchased the Snuza Hero, a friend gave me a [competitor mobile brand] Monitor as a gift. I used the monitor for about 3 weeks, it gave me a lot of false alarms and within days the on/off switch was broken. When you have a baby this small, you do not need any false alarms…… I immediately purchased the Snuza Hero, and am happy to tell you that it is a wonderful product in every way, it looks nice, it has a storage case and I have not had one false alarm. The on/off buttons are bigger and more comfortable to work with and are also situated in a better place on the monitor. The overall look of the monitor is much nicer and I believe this is definitely the better product. Good value for money. I just switch it on, clip it on her nappy, and I know that the Hero will let me know immediately if there is anything irregular about her breathing movement. Thank you Snuza, you have given me the peace of mind that my baby is in safe hands now, no matter where we are."

"This is one of the few products on the market that not only works great but is also backed by a no-nonsense warranty. I will recommend this product as a must-have for any new baby. Great product! And thanks again to you and your team. (PS a whole 8 hours' sleep last night for the both of us!)"

"The Snuza has been a real blessing to us especially in the first few weeks when sleep is most precious but as new parents you cannot help keep peering into the baby's cot to ensure they are ok. The Snuza solved this for us. Top marks in our opinion."

"The unit has functioned perfectly from the first time it was switched on, and we've had none of those sleepless nights that one normally associates with the worry of breathing movement irregularities."

"...It was an amazing product to use and I keep on recommending it to new mothers-to-be. I actually used it a couple of weeks ago as Ben was quite ill with the flu and was having trouble breathing and because he now sleeps in his own room, I am not always next to him. So we put it on during the night just in case something happened and I had a much better night's sleep knowing that if anything went wrong we would be alerted.

"I need to once again say that the SNUZA is an unbelievable device that provides real piece of mind; we honestly would not be able to sleep without it."

"I wish more American Pediatricians were familiar with your product. We need to educate them that this device works and it does alert you. It has alerted us to the fact our 4month old has severe sleep apnea and he is now being treated thanks to the Snuza Hero. Please let us know how we can spread the word on this wonderful invention."

"My name is Becky and I am the author of I purchased a Snuza Hero a few months back when my baby was a couple months old and have been obsessed with this product since. You have allowed my family to get a good night's rest and I am a big believer of your product. I did many posts about the Hero and received great feedback from my readers."

"Wondering what is needed to become a retailer for Snuza. The Hero just saved my friend's baby's life! I ordered mine, but I would love to be able to share this peace of mind with others!"

"As a new (neurotic) mom, I was terrified of SIDS. I found this product and purchased it to help soothe my fears. This has finally allowed me consistent night's peace. The first 3 weeks we had my daughter home I could not sleep. Every time I did not hear her breathe over the monitor I was sure something happened. Now I can sleep as long as my Bella has her baby beeper on!

“I decided to purchase (a Snuza Hero) for my firstborn who has had nasal problems since birth. I have used it nightly for the past 3 months now. Tonight, my four month old daughter (who sleeps in her own room since she snores loudly yet is a very light sleeper) fell into a deep sleep and stopped breathing. The monitor tried to vibrate her after 15 seconds and because she did not respond to that, it started to beep loudly. At first my husband and I thought it was our phone alarm going off but then realized it was the monitor. We rushed to her and yelled her name yet she lay still. I picked her up and shook her a bit while we both yelled at her and made loud clapping noises to which she finally responded and woke up. If it wasn't for this product, I honestly wouldn't know what to do with myself. Please don't let the price deter you from buying this...I would pay 3 times the price for what it did for us tonight. Also it's hard to get false alarms since it's easy to put on and even if you do get a false alarm, I'd rather have that then something worse happen!!”

“My husband saw this on Fox News and we had to have it. It is sooooooooo worth the money. Best investment we made when it came to our son. If you want to sleep and not worry about if he is breathing, this product is for you! It really works. And yes it has gone off a couple times, but usually because his diaper was loose or he wiggled. So worth the money. We sleep better at night knowing our son is safe. And trust me, when the Snuza goes off, it’s like a car alarm. It's LOUD! And every mother needs to be well rested in order to be there for their baby 100%. This Snuza will give you that rest if you’re constantly worried about your baby breathing.”

“My daughter was two weeks old when I discovered she had sleep apnea. I woke in the night and found her grey and lifeless. After some brisk stimulation she took a huge breath and then continued sleeping as if nothing had happened but I felt like I had aged 100 years. I took her to the hospital and the pediatrician ordered a sleep study the following week. I knew that there was no way I was going to be able to stay awake 24/7 for a whole week so I surfed the net for some kind of apnea monitor and that's when I found the Snuza Hero and paid for overnight shipping. As far as I'm concerned this little device has been a life saver (maybe literally!). For the first few months my daughter set off the alarm on a nightly basis. Each time I would stimulate her, she'd take a deep breath and then be just fine. Maybe she would have just started breathing again on her own, but frankly that's not a risk I'd have been willing to take. Several sleep studies later she's still setting off the alarm a few times a week. We still don't know if it's central or obstructive apnea, whether she'll outgrow it or if she'll need surgery. What I do know is that if I didn't have the Snuza Hero I wouldn't get any kind of sleep at all. The ticking sound it makes every time she takes a breath is like the most beautiful lullaby. If I had my way, every new mother would have a Snuza Hero.”

"I bought a Snuza Hero for my daughter and have used it since birth. It is brilliant and is probably the best piece of baby equipment I bought.

"You saved my Grandson's life last night. About midnight the alarm went off and my daughter found him face down. She said he took a breath as soon as she rolled him over. Took a few seconds to get the alarm off but he is alive today thanks to you!!! A crying baby is a good thing to hear!!"

My son was in the NICU for 2 weeks before coming home. Around the age of 8 weeks he finally started sleeping in his crib (rather than in our arms), and we bought the Snuza Hero. We did not have a single false alarm. We used it every night on silent mode (no ticking). He started sleeping 9-10 hour stretches overnight around 11-12 weeks old. He sleeps on his back in an empty crib with no blankets. Two nights ago, at 2 am, the Snuza alarm sounded and woke me from a very deep sleep. His crib is in my bedroom, and I raced to him. He was gray and lifeless - I snatched him up but he did not wake up. I screamed to my husband to call 911. I was in a complete panic and I thought my son had died. About 10 seconds after I initially grabbed him from the crib, he grimaced and color returned to his face. Another 2 minutes later, he woke up, and 3 minutes after that, he was completely alert as if nothing ever happened. We went to the ER, where he appeared normal. We then went to the pediatrician when the office opened. The pediatrician has referred us to specialists -- a pulmonologist and a gastrointerologist (in the event that the reason he stopped breathing was because he choked on acid reflux/spit up). Of course, I am without words to express my gratitude, or my complete wonder about how this tiny little purple and white thing became so valuable to us, or my fear about what would have happened without it. I wish that the American Academy of Pediatrics would pay attention to this little thing and do tests and find that it's amazing and recommend that parents use it.

Your monitor saved my son's life on July 25th (2011)! Jacob had had a rough night and I was exhausted. I put him down on his tummy in his crib, went downstairs and turned the audio monitor on with the sound down. I would turn the volume up every ten seconds or so just to check. But I fell asleep! 20 minutes or so went by before I woke up in a panic, turned the sound up and heard his SNUZA monitor going off! I FLEW up the stairs and Jacob was face down on the mattress: limp, cold, white as a sheet, lifeless and not breathing!! I picked him up, gave him two quick breaths, dialed 911 and put them on speakerphone. I continued CPR and finally he started trying to breathe. When they arrived, the paramedics hooked him up to oxygen and we rushed to the hospital. He came back to us slowly but surely and we were released later that afternoon. My son had lost the ability to roll onto his back at some point and I didn't know it. If he didn't have his SNUZA on him when I turned up the volume, I’d probably have assumed he was asleep. Thank God he had NOT turned blue yet so he had only stopped breathing within two minutes of me finding him. Between SNUZA and my CPR skills, my son is still here and doing fine. He wears his SNUZA at ALL times. I didn't buy mine until he was 2 months old.....thank God this incident didn't happen before I bought it or he wouldn't be here today! What makes your product so much better than the under-mattress monitors is that from the age of 2-4 months (when SIDS peaks) most babies hardly sleep in their cribs - they fall asleep wherever, the carseat, the swing, the bouncy seat, co-sleep with parents, etc. What good is an under-the-mattress alarm if they are never in the crib? I'm sure this was in Greg's mind when he created it and for that he's a genius! I belong to a group of 100 women all with babies born in March 2011 and every single one of them went out and bought your monitor the next day. The picture is two days after the "incident" and as you can see Jacob is alive and well, thanks to your product and a trained mommy! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!

My son is 6 months old and it is the best money i have ever spent. The battery has not gone out yet (now I probably jinxed myself lol) and I just love it. I cannot imagine anything worse than SIDS, so this is just a God send. Mary Gerrity Feb 2013

I want to say a big thank you to you all for an excellent product. While pregnant, a friend's niece died of SIDS and I became absolutely terrified of my baby having the same fate. After she was born, I swear I didn't sleep for more than an hour until we started using the Snuza Hero. Ella is almost 6 months old now. We have had some nights where the monitor has slipped off her diaper and, thus, gone off. Those nights were actually reassuring because I knew the monitor would beep if no movement was detected. Last night, the monitor went off and I assumed it had just slipped off. When I got to her room, I found her on her belly, face down in the mattress, not breathing. She started breathing again as soon as I flipped her over. Today could be the worst day of my life, but instead it is another day to laugh and snuggle with my little one. Thank you doesn't feel like enough, but it is all I have, so thank you a million times over. Katie Geise - USA


My wife and I would like to personally thank the inventor of the Snuza Hero!!! It's 1:39am Mountain time and we are WIDE AWAKE now! Thinking, what if we didn't have the alarm......? But we did, thanks to my wifey and her paranoia, we bought the Snuza Hero 2 and a half months ago, because my wife woke up with a bad feeling, decided to check on Saydie, only to see her silently choking. From that moment she did her research, checked the testimonials and looked at your website 900 times!!! It was hard to find a Snuza in Canada.

My wifey just said that she will sell them for you from here! lol I want you to know, that if I didn't firmly believe that this little device saved my beautiful baby girl, I wouldn't be awake sending this email to you at this moment. I would be going back to sleep as I have to get up for work in 3 hours. Ok, we're going to try and get some sleep now. With all our heart!

Thank you so much from our family to yours.

Sincerely, Kenny, Krista and Saydie Schuler May 2013

The best thing about the Snuza Hero Motion Monitor is that it is completely portable so it can be connected to the baby's nappy if they are asleep in the cot, swing, pram etc. I also love that there are no wires or pads that have to be precisely placed in the cot so as to not cause false alarms. Clear instructions are provided and the monitor is very simple and easy to use immediately. My baby is now 10 months old and I wish I had this monitor when she was born. We will definitely be using the monitor for our next baby. I didn't find any cons to the monitor. I would recommend this monitor to all new parents or grandparents looking to make a valuable purchase for their new grandchild. Jenga Australia

Everyone with a baby needs one of these!

Gwen's Nana gave us a Snuza Hero, and I am so grateful she did! I am terrified of SIDS, especially with a premie, who is more susceptible to it. 

The alarm went off this morning around 5 am to let me know that my daughter had not taken a breath in 20+ seconds, I was able to wake her and she started breathing again. This could have ended tragically without the Snuza. 

Thank you God, Snuza, and Nana! This simple little device saved my baby's life this morning!

Lisa Knight USA

TESTIMONIAL BY Jennifer from Florida - August 2013:

Thank You!!! Snuza saved my baby's life!

My 3 month old daughter was very fussy one morning but I had to get ready for work so I gave her her paci and put her in her bassinet. She got quiet and I just thought she was happy with her paci. 

While I was quickly getting ready for work her Snuza went off! I ran to her bassinet and she looked horrible. Completely motionless with her eyes wide open and glazed over. I thought she had died. I picked her up and she started breathing again. She has Severe acid reflux and the doctor said it probably got in her throat and obstructed her airway and it cleared when I picked her up. 

If it were not for her Snuza I would not have known she was in distress. She wears her Sunza 24 hours a day, and will continue to wear it until she figures out how to pull it off and throw it out of her crib!!!

Je m’inquiétais toujours à propos du risque de mort subite. Ce moniteur est arrivé rapidement après la commande et je me sens soulagée. Lorsque je l’ai reçu, je l’ai essayé sur mon enfant de 10 ans.  L’appareil a vibré lorsqu’elle a retenu sa respiration pendant 15 secondes et l’alarme sonore s’est déclenchée au bout de 20 secondes. Je peux finalement dormir ! J’adore ce moniteur !

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Baby,child,infant,monitor,monitors,monitoring,mobile,portable,camera,video,audio,movement,breathing,vibration,apnoea,SIDS,baby alarm,remotely listen,movement detectors,baby monitor reviews,secure,crystal clear,monitor clarity,zero interference,baby shower